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Africa First is a UK based recruitment consultancy outfit that is focused on connecting, developing and educating top African graduates & experienced professionals abroad with leading employers and recruiters in Africa. We achieve this by working with top companies in Africa and Talented candidates across different fields.

Our vision: 

  • Equip international African Graduates with practical work experience as they return. 
  • Develop, Educate and match top candidates to suitable employers. 

An analysis of World Bank projections of global growth for the years 2013-15 showed that, of the 20 fastest-growing economies in the world, 11 were in Africa. They include Sierra Leone, Mozambique, Ghana, Angola, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya and Nigeria. The major strenght behind this growth is Industrialization and free markets. As this growth occurs continuously across the Continent, the demand for an experienced and highly educated skill set multiplies.

Our Core Services includes:

  1. Recruitment Conference.
  2. Let's Talk Africa Tour.
  3. African Graduate Training Programme. 




Let's Talk Africa is for people who really want to know about the continent and the opportunities it has to offer. In the knowledge economy, getting the right information at the right time is key for students, graduates and professionals who are contemplating returning home. Let's Talk Africa goes a step further by giving them the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned through special internship and even full-time employment.

Martin Woolnough
FORMER/MD/CEO, Nestlé Nigeria


It was great to have met with so many top-quality students in Cambridge.The quality of the students and discussions were first class. I would be delighted to be involved in the future

Deji Akinyanju
Founder, Chicken Republic


I attended the event to be inspired, informed, and educated on opportunities in Africa. I was definitely inspired, and am more eager than ever to achieve my goals back home in Africa.

Marina Mensah



Africa First 


Registration for 2015 Recruitment Conference and Let's Talk Africa Tour is now open. Contact the team

Recruitment Conference: 23rd - 27th of November 2015 

Let's Talk Africa Tour: October - November 2015

Venue: TBC