Let's Talk Africa was launched in May 2010 as  vehicle for stimulating, thought-provoking yet engaging conversation on the role of the educated diaspora as 'change agents'. Let's Talk Africa was conceived due to the increasing number of African students acquiring excellent quality education overseas, and in light of the global economic climate and other factors such as changing immigration rules that are forcing many overseas graduates to consider returning home to contribute to the development of Africa.

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Africa First 


Registration for 2015 Recruitment Conference and Let's Talk Africa Tour is now open. Contact the team

Recruitment Conference: 23rd - 27th of November 2015 

Let's Talk Africa Tour: October - November 2015

Venue: TBC


  • The continent of Africa continues to present a contrasting picture of opportunities but yet a plethora of challenges.
  • With the tough economic climate, security within countries in the continent- Africa continues to grow in the midst of this challenges.
  • But are Africans in the Diaspora ready to take advantage of this opportunities?
  • African tech ecosystem.
  • Innovative solution to Africa’s challenging problems.
  • What does “CHANGE” mean to Africa? 

Africa First not only gave me the opportunity to interact with international speakers, it gave me a job

Isabella E.C Akinyele (President  of Cambridge University Nigeria Society (2010 -2011)